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Real Estate To Dive With Peak Oil Crisis

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Precisely. That's why it could be seriously different this time. The scale of bad debt caused by a conventional property crash with Peak Oil piled on top of it could be pretty dramatic. We could be seeing institutional failures on a scale not known in the living memory of any but a very few very old people. That is a "lower downside" possibility that one really has to be aware of.

I accept the TTRTR argument that "this time it's different" may be right and Peak Oil may not hit for another decade, or even more than that. If TTRTT is right, then I will not be buying a house for a very long time, but I'm saving about 10K a year now, and that will increase, so at least I'll be reasonably asset-rich, if still stuck in an el-cheapo flat in quite a pleasant part of Edinburgh.

But between TTRTR and Peak Oil + Crash I suspect the outcome will be closer to the latter possibility than the former.

Time will tell.

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