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Alot of people are questioning to whether the 9/11 attacks were genuine or not. Most of the blame seems to be pointing in the direction of freemasons and how everything is symbolic.

For example...

Madrid bombing was 911 days aftyer 9/11

Iraq was invaded on the 3rd month of the 3rd year of the 3rd century...

so what about london and the 7/7....

well, guess what.

The symbol in the profane world has always indicated measurable states, regularity and is strongly associated with the death-rebirth mysteries that are continued as the principal theme and lesson in Masonry.

The number seven was said to be 'perfect' because it contained the numbers 3 and 4 and was itself indivisible and could not be created by multiplication. This gave it the name of the virgin number. There were seven years to an apprenticeship, there were seven planets known to man of the middle ages, and there are seven days in a week of which the 7th is the sabbath. The days of the week are named after the seven gods of the Goths, a seventh son has special powers, the Jews swore by the number seven, there was a need for seven witnesses to agreements, and Solomon's temple was said to have been built in seven years. Jericho was encircled seven times by seven priests, and these were the seven liberal arts and sciences know as the trivium and quadrivium which were thought to contain the total sum of human knowledge. Seven represents symbolically the combination of the Trinity and four cardinal virtues, it is the number of the basic musical notes, of colours and of the spheres. Seven is related to perfection, to religious truth and also with knowledge. It is hard to find a more astounding mass of facts associated with a number until we observe that three and five are similar.

Within the Lodge we are reminded that it needs seven officers to open the Lodge and those seven steps of the staircase reminding us of the liberal arts and sciences. Jacob's ladder is usually shown with seven rungs of which 3 are considered most exemplary for masons. While then these seven small stars on the jewel are insignificant they are repeated as a symbol at least three times within our Lodges and give us much to think about. !!!!!!!!!

7 seems to be a VERY big number in the Freemason world !

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needle'[/b] date='Oct 15 2005, 03:33 AM' post='213466']


That was your 71st post at 3:17am.

Freaky man.

Who told you this God or your nurse?

Definition of 'needle'


* S: (v) needle, goad (goad or provoke,as by constant criticism) "He needled her with his sarcastic remarks"

* S: (v) needle (your a ***** with a needle)

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