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It worked for me (*cough*more than once).. reproduced from http://www.cashbaggers.com

Offers a creative way to take advantage of finspreads "double your profits offer"

thought it may be of interest to the spread-betters on here.

Bonus-Bagging – one for the Pro’s

*** be quick.. this one ends at the end of October ***

Sign up for 2 accounts at finspreads.com (hence the need for a friend)

I recommend doing this from 2 separate PC’s with 2 separate IP addresses, to err on the side of caution, though I see nothing in the terms & conditions that say you cannot do this.

Ensure when applying for the account you select the double you profits promotion in the drop down menu.

Read the dealing guide. Take the time to understand what you are doing before you place any trades. Even if it takes a day for you to understand it, it’s a day well spent.

Deposit £1100 into each account. (strictly speaking it needs to be 1000, but making it 1100 gives you a little leeway should the market change while you are placing the bets.)

Simultaneously place an up-bet on a volatile market (I tend to find the wall street daily cash at around 2pm UK time is good.. just before the yanks start trading) for £30/point, and a down bet with the other account for £30/point.

You will need to place stop-loss bet at around 33 points for both bets, or you will not be allowed to place them. (this ensures finspreads that you have enough cash to cover the bet)

As the market rises and falls, the two bets cancel each other out. .. with the exception of the spread which will cost a total of around £120-£240.

When whichever account is in profit gets close to £1000, close both bets. If the market is not looking volatile, you may need to close for less than this.. I believe finspreads close trading at 9pm.

You will now have 1 account with up to £2000, and one that is about empty.

Within 4 days (usually quicker) finspreads will double the profit on the winning account, giving a profit of up to £1000.

Now if you are really cheeky, you can open another account, and match this one with the previous non-winning account… and so on.

Be careful with this, you need to understand what you are doing, so read the dealing guide CAREFULLY. I will not take any responsibility for any losses incurred.

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