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Hi all,

Although I've been looking at a few areas to buy, one place that has interested me recently is Bishops stortford. I am considering a job in Cambridge, and my partner works in london (city area), so this would i think be an ideal place between the two. It's also close to my family and other stuff.

Compared to where I've been looking previously it's very affordable. We would only consider a 3 bed house close to the station, but inital impressions is that these are available, with stock of period props as well as modern.

Any one been following the market and could offer advice on prices, and if they are falling?

Many many thanks

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Thanks for the info. I wasn't really aware of all that! Althought there does seem to be more and more houses built everytime I visit my family in this area.

I know the stansted expansion is happening, but I still think that they'd be better off building somewhere else (I don't mean nimby either!!) as most people who fly from stansted think it's a pain to get to and get home from, in particular if you live further north, not sure how you get back really in the middle of the night!

All important things to consider though, thanks! :)

I am also inthe same shoes as you, work and live here but (rent), have family who live here as well (own), personally I would rent if you have to as house prices continue to drop round here, its just a question of where they will stop.

Stansted Airport is a factor, mainly a noise factor, just think Heathrow and all that blight unless the StopStanstedExpansion.com gets its way in the area. Plus there are plans for 4 runways here timespan unknown, the land was all bought up in the last 70's early 80's by a number of large financial corps, so apart from the odd house in the way, its just a question of time when it will all happen unless SSE gets its way. Eos just started flying the first transatlantic to NY route out of here last week as well. Now even if planning permission is given for the 2nd runway, that wont be built for another 10 years and for investments the property that will be most required is for low paid airport workers so expect a skew on house prices for these people.

Secondly if the East of England govt thingy gets there way there are 1000's of houses due to be built in and around BS, and along the M11 corridor from Harlow to Cambridge. One of the Govt plans which has been in the main news, plus there is also talk of making the area the new Silicon Valley becuase of the airport and the ties with MIT and Cambridge Uni. So these extra houses will also bring prices down if the go ahead is given and all the land is already bought, its just planning permission holding things up.

So a couple of thing you might find useful. :)

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