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And when did your friends leave uni? Have you tried applying for any cleaning/warehouse/catering/admin/care NMW jobs lately? They're asking for significant experience nowadays. Also, what is it easier to do for this generation of youth than previous generations?

6 and a half years ago.

Travel, cars, clothes, electronics, pretty much everything besides houses and pensions are easier.

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The effective tax rate ('marginal deduction rate' or 'marginal tax rate') remains the same if you cut benefits. It just distorts the band of income over which it applies.

True, but you only need to get that point below the minimum wage for a sufficiently small number of hours.

I.e. earn £1, lose £1.17.

Any tax over 100% is insane, and easily fixed. The hard part will be reducing the percentage sufficiently below 100% that claimants will stop complaining that if they take a job they will be only as well off as someone who works.

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This is what I'm talking about, there is no point in going on a life strike. It's too short so you need to play the card you are dealt as they come out.

Maybe it's not as easy as our parents generation to get a house, but it is easier to do other things so you may as well make the most of what you have. I've got my fingers crossed that in the next few years the housing Market will correct and people will start to see more reward for working but I can guarantee that if you go on any kind of life strike you will become depressed and remain skint.

I can't predict what will happen in the future with careers but since leaving uni all my friends are doing significantly better than when they started work.

I agree. I've not done this. This is why I have 2 kids and a decent job :-)

Having done this what I can tell, which I felt was missing from this thread, is the idea that you just need to get a decent job to buy a house. This is incorrect. If you live and work in the SE (and many do) the price of housing is so bad that even with a good job you can't buy now. Unless you are insane and willing to spend several hundred K on a dump that will definitely fall in value.

I agree people have to make the best of the situation. But there is no point in people pretending that it will be OK even if you play a good hand. It won't. Life is short and if you get screwed over for 15 years by the next generation up then guess what - that impacts your whole life in a bad way. A HPC won't restore the balance. Just like all the money lost by banks, the money young people are loosing now in the BTL scrum is gone forever, pissed up a wall due to misallocation of assets in the UK.

Two things people should be clear about:

1. Getting say 35K in the SE isn't going to help much as even if you buy a 120K dump it will be worth far less in 5 years

2. You have to get a good job and hope at some point that working hard actually pays in the UK in some weird alternative future

You can't play this hand to win. We are playing to loose less than the default option.

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Are there any other youth posting on this thread?

If you want to ask a youth a question, now is your chance...

I'm having trouble setting up Sky Plus to record Eastenders when I'm out.

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My electric bill (no gas) is similar and that's running a single storage heater and no hot water. Living alone/in a flat is expensive compared to shared living where you get the benefit of higher overall usage and cheaper tariff even if you use the same amount of electricity/gas overall.

I live alone in a flat. I work at home too, so my electricity usage includes long hours of computing, all the day's regular kettle use, etc, etc. My combined gas and electricity is less than that, despite rising over the years as my income has risen and my metabolism slowed.

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