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Black Friday?

The Masked Tulip

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Shit won't kick off before Christmas, shuuuuurly?

Having said that, if I was a hedge/megatrader and wanted to to do a big deal then this time of year must be a good time. People in a false sense of security and then just make that...megatrade/spread rumour/do what they do...or something.

Maybe that's not how it works. Hmm.

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The traders where I work are working late. The London market closes early but the european ones dont. They're half expecting something to happen once the London market is closed.

Exact words about leaving early: "... but it depends on what happens with europe, if it all kicks off we'll be here longer".

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Owner names and place names are very common...

Halifax, Barclays, Boots....

In fact how many are descriptive of their actual function and how quickly would they go out of date....Carphone Warehouse anyone?

Yes, you can't go wrong with a family name. In fact two, even better.

A shop like 'Truscott & Gieves' could sell anything . . . hats, knitting patterns, blunderbuss accessories or seaweed supplement. Much more versatile than 'Algae'R'Us'.

Coincidentally, I was reading the other day about how people stopped buying Saxby's frozen pastry when it changed to Jus-Rol.

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