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Are We Now Going Into The Real Bear Market?

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i have to say i would have been more impressed if everyone had been saying sell about 8 days ago (actually, i believe dr.b did) - i did actually sell the footsie at 5480 but got stopped out at 5506 and didn't get a chance to re-open - so, not only did i not benefot from this large fall but i actuall LOST money in the process!

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"I understand the wave structure of world markets since the colossal South Sea Bubble swept thru London and England in the 1720 period. The event we are expecting is, according to the Elliott waves, a disaster comparable in magnitude to the London debacle that caught Sir Isaac Newton, the Mayor of London and even the King among its victims. It was followed by a 62-year depression, which Prechter thinks may happen again in this century."


But not all at once

can someone recommend a good book about elliot waves. I have just read conquer the crash by precther (thanks durch). Is crest of a tidal wave any good (by prechter) i have heard it is a bit of a difficult book - as long as its not as hardgoing as security analysis by ben graham.

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Is it not plausible that as China and India take over as the worlds growth engines from the US ( as the US did from Europe 50 years ago ) that the US and Europe will experience a long recessionary decline even as China, Asia and India experience contiuned strong economic growth.

In essence a reversal of the economic geography of the 20th Century whereby in the 21st Century the West will become the 2nd world, and Asia, economically the 1st world with higher incomes, and a wealthier population. In that case Asian consumers will become the largest market for the goods produced from Asian factories and a decline in demand from Europe and the US will have little economic impact on Asia.

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