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Classic Tv Title Sequences


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ITV sport tried in the 70s, bless 'em. Dickie Davies and his ever wandering white patch of hair. "Professional" wrestling as the highlight of their Saturday afternoon lineup (how they kept a straight face I'll never know).

Look at some of the "sports" in that sequence. Log sawing? Angling? Bicycle stunts?

It was a different world.

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Space 1999 series 1 titles are much more epic than the series 2 titles (in my opinion).

The jazzed up Barry Gray theme didn't help either. I remember watching the first Space 1999 and thinking "wow." Anything after the credits was an anticlimax though.:rolleyes:

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Me and my mates used to play at being "The Champions". We'd take turns at being different characters but the role of Sharon was always reserved for the same unlucky lad (not me thank god, stuff like that can give you a complex).

"Craig" and "Richard" would then have to rescue "Sharon", the eternal damsel in distress. How very sexist we were.

pencil skirt must have been bitchin tight

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Sportsnight with "Good old Harry"

That's a good title sequence there, a bit "Superman: The Movie" in style.

I can remember the 70s version, with frequent zooming in on some football floodlights.

Used to love the girls in this!

I always fancied Kathryn Apanowicz.


She was Richard Whiteley's long term partner.

Not the credits...but the theme.

One of the all-time classic themes. Ian la Frenaise wrote the lyrics for that and I think also the song for the 1976 movie (which is just as good IMO). Mike Hugg did the music for both.

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