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A New Ebay Offer

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Did I read it right...?

Is the listing saying that the buyer gives the seller £235,000 and he gives you back a gift of £23,500

What's that about... :huh:

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im tempted to knock it, but granted. its a totally stupid deal with no bids.

BUT !!

i am glad to see homes listed on ebay. it brings low prices to everything on it over time. also kicks the EAs in the teeth. imagine if it got a hold ? much easier way to advertise your home.

though at the moment its full of dicks like this guy.

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Something stinks re. this gifted deposit ********. Despite the previous happy times of lending I have it on good authority that certain lenders are not happy with folk acquiring places with 100% mortgages through the back door.

It's probably fraud. (Well, 'obtaining a pecuniary advantage by deception' as the CPS would have it...)

Note the £1000 mortgage fee from the financial advisor he's pushing. Want to bet that he either

1) is the advisor or 2) is getting a kickback?

The whole thing looks like a scam to me...


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