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Ft:"property Clubs Face Tighter Regulation"

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Not sure if you've seen this article in today's FT. Here's a link to the online version although you have to be a subscriber to read the full text (and I'm not):


Anyway, all worth a read, but what particularly caught my eye was a sentence where it said (I'm quoting from memory here) 'According to some estimates, 50% of new-build apartments are bought through property investment clubs'.

Can this be true? I wonder if they mean 50% are bought by investors across the board - still pretty shocking but plausible (given that nobody actually wants to live in the wretched things)

But if they're right and that much of the demand is coming from these shady investment clubs - well, then any doubts I have about a massive crash being on the horizon evaporate instantly. - it proves, to my mind, that the entire edifice is being supported by cynically extracting cash from gullible and naive investors.

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