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Welsh Home Repossession Help 'up 300%'

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A housing charity says the number of people needing its help because they are threatened by home repossession has risen by 300% in the past three years.

Shelter Cymru, which is preparing to mark its 30th anniversary, said Blaenau Gwent was the country's worst area for repossession orders.

This is followed by Merthyr Tydfil, Rhondda Cynon Taf and Caerphilly.

The Welsh government said its capital budget had been cut, but providing affordable housing was a key priority.

Shelter Cymru director John Puzey said: "We have seen a significant increase in the proportion of people coming to our services across Wales who are basically building up mortgage arrears.

"What our case workers are telling us is that the pattern seems to be people are finding all kinds of ways in which to they're trying to keep up with their arrears.

"They're using all their savings, they're borrowing off mum and dad or friends. They're even occasionally using credit cards... and they're coming to us saying they're running out of options."

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Relationship break-up

Shelter Cymru dealt with nearly 23,000 housing problems last year, a record number of which were due to people facing difficulty making mortgage payments.

In the last three years, the charity said it had witnessed a three-fold rise in the number of people needing their help who were facing home repossession.

It said it expected those figures to be reflected in official statistics in the coming year.

Mr Puzey said Shelter Cymru's research also suggested a strong relationship between mortgage arrears and unemployment.

While the worst areas for reposession orders were in the south-east Wales valleys, according to the charity, those that suffered least were Ceredigion, Powys and Gwynedd.

"Our work suggests that the difficult economic situation we are all living through is taking its toll and people are losing their jobs or going on to shorter hours, mixed in with other issues as well such as illness, so you lose your job, or relationship break up," said Mr Puzey.

Full article below:


Case study: Adam, 41, of Swansea

I've been on the streets on and off for quite a few years.

The stupid thing is I had a really good job. I was running pubs, I had my own pub, and before that I was a golf professional.

I lost my dad and broke up with my ex as well and basically I started drinking really heavily.

I couldn't work any more, I was suffering from depression and that's how it came about really.

You have got to keep one eye open when you try to sleep in case anyone tries to beat you up because it does happen. I've been beaten up.

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so they should be...using their own resources to support their own resource.

ofc , Diversity means even the failed are to be viewed with their full potential and marking them as failures is a nono.

better to use public money to allow them to continue to be failures for as long as possible.

We all have setbacks, some very serious....Government isnt there to stop them....they are there, by consent to provide a safety net...not a new tree to fallout of.

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We're on target for 39,000 repos this year, according to latest CML data. Based on the article above, Wales seems to be contributing more than its fair share of the repo pie...

I suspect that the 39,000 CML estimate is hugely under-estimating the problem if Shelter Wales is reporting 23,000 alone.

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bit callous ....but its not being reflected in prices

Well it wouldnt he if the original article is to be beleived.... Theyre not being reposessed while in arrears

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