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Tax Dodgers - Now Its Doctors And Dentists


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Doctors and Dentists, well Doctors at least, are often considered highly respectable. The used to be able to vouch for a persons identity such was their trusted position in society. But perhaps that was just my faded memories?

Anyway, seems 2,500 of them are being targeted for tax evasion. 1500 already confessed and settled. That's £10 million more in the kitty.

Article here http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-15753445

Naughty naughty, you think they might have higher morals than that as they deal with peoples health and lives too. To put it into perspective though there are over 231,000 registered doctors and 21,000 dentists there of there abouts. So its around 1% are tax dodgy.

Actually 1% sounds quite high. Anyone know the average figure I wonder?

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