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Thailand Flood Reaches Bangkok

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Flood waters inundating Thailand north of Bangkok since July have made the journey south and reached the capital. The disaster is responsible for 400 deaths in Thailand and neighboring Cambodia and Vietnam. Thailand is the world's biggest rice exporter, but the floods have wiped out over a quarter of the country's crop. The government has declared a five-day holiday for the capital to allow residents time to evacuate. Damages could top six billion dollars in Thailand's worst flooding in 50 years. Collected here are images of the water as it moves south to Bangkok, and how residents there are dealing with the disaster.


Asia's unique version of rapture washes away the western paedo's and junkies from the Thai city of sin?

Of course this sucks for the locals, especially as the country is a tinderbox of competing cultures just waiting for something like this to set off a big scale uprising.

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Despite man's greed playing a major role in the upheaval that is today's economic crisis, it is nothing compared to the upheaval that

nature can unleash.

Man is small and insignificant really.

(and please no Sarkozy jokes :rolleyes: )

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Didn't Sibley relocate to Bangkok?

Not much of a silver lining, but....

I doubt with that with his stubborn disposition a bit of floodwater would impair him from getting balls deep in a Kathoey.

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