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Imf Lagarde In Full Bu115H1T Mode

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20.17 IMF chief Christine Lagarde says she has "never seen as much determination and decisiveness to act in a coordinated fashion" as the eurozone leaders are currently showing. Presumably that desire for coordination is coming from countries other than Greece.

Quote Of course there are hiccups on the road, sometimes major hiccups, but what matters is what has been agreed on Oct. 26 ... and the resilience and the determination of the European partners.

Full on bu115h1t mode.

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La Slapper Whatever Her Name is caught my eye back in 2007 or whatever when she said none of this would have much impact on France because it was just sub prime and France wasn't exposed to any of that stuff.

Before the fragility of French banks became apparent La Slapper was saying,

"French banks do not have the anglo-saxon problems because they are less flippant ... better run ... or whatev'"

About the time of the French fuel protests, there was nothing to worry about,

"As fearful drivers headed to the pumps, Finance Minister Christine Lagarde urged the nation not to panic.

“Today, there is no reason, no reason, I repeat, to panic because there is no risk of shortages,” she told BFM-TV on Saturday, noting that only 230 of the country’s 13,000 gas stations were out of fuel. “There are weeks of reserve.” "

Paragraph 9, depending on how you count it of,


And one day later,

"French riot police clash with students as petrol stations run dry ...."


La Garde is officially Alicia Silverstein whatever, without the eyebrows,

I mean hey, she was the honcho at Baker Mackenzie or something

So, she is an ernest, square, swotty, frog bitch, with her head up her **** ....

And if you want to know what's not, listen to her

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