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Zimbabwean Man Claims Prostitute Turned To Donkey

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A Zimbabwean man has told a court that he hired a prostitute who during the night transformed into a donkey, and that he is now "seriously in love" with the animal, according to state media.

"I think I am also a donkey. I do not know what happened when I left the bar, but I am seriously in love with (the) donkey," Sunday Moyo told the court, according to The Herald newspaper.


He said he had paid $25 for a prostitute, and was surprised Sunday morning when he heard people accusing him of having sex with a donkey.


I wonder how many he had drunk to get those beer googles on?

Donkey in a poke?

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1.It has been suggested extreme porn stops men performing in the bedroom with the 'average woman', but to be honest, a photo of the average women is enough to make Thatcher a sex symbol.

2. You can't get a women pregnant by coming in the majority of crevices between her belly button and 4th ridge of her thigh. No wonder the TFR is below the replacement level of 2.1

3. I've exaggerated a little.

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I read that title at work and literally burst out laughing.

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On a horse...

Shame it wasn't 25 quid, then the donkey would have put a pony on a horse.

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