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Second-Home Owners In Cornwall Selling Up

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Its not just second homes but also properties in rural areas that have been occupied by the elderly.

These properties are no longer a viable place to live for someone who has retired, this is because there are no longer any services/shops in the villages and the bus routes are being trimmed to virtually nothing as the councils cut back on fare subsidies.

Not all rural properties are in villages, some are totally isolated, some are in small hamlets.....when people move there they know hopefully what they are buying..... ;)

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This can only be a good thing, is it not......anyone who is fortunate enough to own a second home would be wise to put the money to better use......some would be better off selling the main home and moving into the holiday home. :unsure:

...agreed...it is a good thing ..people born locally are more likely to be able buy and stay in the area ...

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I'm sure the locals will be queuing up at these prices. :lol:

However this is the Sunday Times which is the posher persons ramper par excellence so bound to be a "fill your boots now" slant to the article.

..posh...bit victorian...?...I don't think of The Times as up market since Murdoch bought it....now it's just the Sun with different headlines... :rolleyes:

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I understand that the staycations did not happen this year - money is tight - so plenty of those who had bught a second homw with the aim of renting it out to pay their mortgage had very little 'income' - also, the tax laws changed on holiday homes didn't they?

I imagine a lot of people tried it for a year to save money on the family holiday.

They've probably now realised it's not quite the money saver they expected, plus remembered the reason they usually head further south. It'll be back on the supersaver cattle class flights to Malaga again this year for the usual sun-drenched, cheap-alcohol-fuelled debauchery.

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I hate to be obtuse, but what's the difference between people owning second homes in Cornwall who keep locals out of housing, and people who are celebrating prices coming down so they can retire down to Cornwall, hence keeping locals out of housing....? :huh:

Speaking as neither of those ...

The difference is between living in a house and hoarding an empty house. One is a proper usage, the other is an indulgence and might be considered antisocial in an environment where not everyone has a house.

I wouldn't blame second home owners individually. I would blame the system that makes it so cheap for them to hoard precious resources, while at the same time taxing our hard-earned income at penal rates.

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The next leg down will be in the spring when the amateur developers who are hitting a cashflow crunch try to sell. There are loads of them living in half finished projects funded by 100% interest only self cert mortgages. Many of them are itinerant "builders" "plumbers" and "gardeners". The point has come where inflation and declining work means they simply can't cover the mortgage, diesel and food. Then they'll have to sell up, or turn to crime (both quite likely IMHO).

Local news this week:- amateur developer has been charged with torching his home for the insurance after failing to sell it for 4 years. First I've seen. Also burglaries up 33%. Just like the last recession eh old timers??


25% down - another 45% to go......... :rolleyes:

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