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State Owned Banks Now Selling Us Utilities!

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High street bank Lloyds TSB has unveiled plans to sell gas, electricity and telephone services through its branches.The group, which claims it is the first bank to offer utilities, said the move was part of its aim to grow its business by diversifying its products and services.

It also hopes the new service, called Ideal, will help it retain current account customers in the face of increasing competition.The bank has teamed up with Scottish Power and Cable & Wireless to offer the service.It claims people who buy their energy from Ideal will save an average of 18%, or around £100, on bills a year - although the figure varies from region to region.Telephone services will be around 20% cheaper than BT's standard package and around 15% lower than BT Together, it says.Customers will also receive one monthly bill combining charges for all the services they use.Ideal has already been piloted for a year in branches in Chester and Wolverhampton, selling around 8,000 utility services to 5,000 customers.

Do Banks want to control all the Basic Human Needs?


Taxpayer supported Lloyds Bank, steals our money, to buy HEAT and LIGHT, to sell it back to us at a profit for themselves......:rolleyes:.......

Government would rather people died from cold than Nationalise Utilities.

Are Banks targetting the Basic's which Human's need to survive?

A basic human right is SHELTER. We have already had that right stolen from us.

Another basic human need is HEAT and LIGHT. Is that next? [Along with WATER]

Could we see a bank manufactured bubble in Utilities?

Will people in the future, ruled by a supreme global fascist Corporatocracy, scorn 20thC born politicians for not making the tough decision to break up the banks, whilst they still had the chance?

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Do Banks want to control all the Basic Human Needs?

...they are not capable of delivering a basic banking service....proof = they had to be rescued....theY need to try something simpler ....but I will not be buying ....they don't understand their product or the market ...just like their weakness in BANKING.... :rolleyes:

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God forbid. The crooks are diversifying into energy. It's a good thing they can't create energy out of thin air like they do with money.

I wonder if the LloydsTSB<insert other failed banks here> TV campaign will be as irritating as their banking ads. You know, the pointy nosed stick men on trains. The soothing voice of Julie Walters to make you feel warm when the gas supply is cut and the meter runs out.

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Well good luck if you ever have to call Lloyds TSB call centres with a query about your utility or utility bill.

Their call centres are totally and utterly NAFF.

..one wonders how they qualify for a license to operate....?.... :rolleyes:

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