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Gigantic Purple Slug

Favorite Cryptid

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This is my favourite cryptid.

The artists impression could use a bit of work though. It reminds me of one of my mates at uni after a heavy night out on the beers.

Almas, which seems ot be what this article is talking about have always intrigued me. I've always wondered whether there is a relic population of homo erectus out there somewhere. It seems incredible, but some parts of the world are still wild and underpopulated and these rumours always keep popping up. Myra Shackley's "Wildmen" is an interesting read.

The following quote from Shackley's book:

Drawings interpreted as Almas also appear in a Tibetan medicinal book. British anthropologist Myra Shackley noted that "The book contains thousands of illustrations of various classes of animals (reptiles, mammals and amphibia), but not one single mythological animal such as are known from similar medieval European books. All the creatures are living and observable today." (1983, p. 98)

is one I always wanted to follow up.

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