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Hi there,

Would be keen on exchanging experiences with other FTBs in the St. Margarets and East Twickenham area.

Been following 2 bed flat prices in this area for over a year. In the current market, there seem to be a lot of difference in what different sellers expect for very similar properties. Couple of examples:

- The properties around the moormead park area seem quite similar (kenley, sidney, godstone roads). Used to be consistently advertised at £280-290K about a year ago. Now you find properties in this area anywhere from £250K to £280K.

- Flats in the lebanon court block would always be advertised exactly at £249950! Now they seem to be anywhere between £230 and 250K.

Very recently started viewing properties (instead of just following online or through newspapers) to get a better idea on the market. My experiences:

- Not too many properties in the market, which is a pity as you dont get much choice.

- Estate agents come across as mildly arrogant and rather disinterested even in today's market! They obviously tell me everything's fine except for 'a bit of stagnation in the market'.

- Mix of sellers currently in the market, some stuck in mid-2004 and asking for silly prices. Other demonstrating lower asking prices. For similar properties, if one looks around enough, there seems to be a range of up to 10% (ie, the lowest priced property is 10% cheaper than the one with the highest asking price).

- While getting a decent 2 bed flat in these areas for under £250K (and thus not having to pay more stamp duty) seemed impossible a year ago, now this is looking increasingly realistic (although estate agents tell you this highly difficult).

Anyone else with similar experiences?

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I rent a big flat on Hampton Road Twickenham for GBP1700/month, don't know how much it is worth but the landlord lives next door which has good and bad points. The rent is the same as what the last tenants paid but I think it is a bargain because everywhere else in the area I saw cost GBP2000 or more and would not accomodate my pool table plus 3 children.

I think selling prices arethe same as 6 months ago when I arrived but havenot been watching too closely because I have no intention of buying just yet. Plenty of sold (or 'success') signs up.

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I'm a FTBer currently thinking about relocating to Twickenham area. A house came on the marker yesterday, near to the station and river thames, decent location, needed doing up, far too expensive at 369k, but real potential to stay there for years :( Rang up today to find out more, hoping might be able to offer 50k less than asking price. Only to discover someone is buying it for 10k less than asking price. Probably some s*dding "wannabe developer". I hope its a money pit for them..... >8(

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