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University Of Wales Set To Lose 60% Of Cash

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A lot of British universities have been doing similar scams to this - basically allowing any foreign institution that pays them enough to give out "accredited" degrees with the University's name on them. They rarely do any quality control, as long as they are getting the money they don't care if the students are being scammed or if bogus degrees are being handed out. The former polytechnics are notorious for this - it's a huge revenue stream.

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Tip of the iceberg IMPO. Big gravy train - lashings and lashings of gravy. Wait for the BBC programme this Wednesday!

There you go again TMT. Proofread your posts! Lashings and lashings AND gravy.

Edited by Tiger Woods?

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You should be worried.

If we win on Saturday, it'll instantly add 10% to the price of every house in Wales and the Unis will fill up with courses on Max Boyce Cultural Studies and Art and Design of Too Tight for a Man's Sport Modern Rugby Shirts.

It'll be like 1987 all over again.

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The university is the second-largest degree awarding body in the UK and has approved more than 130 colleges worldwide to offer courses leading to its certificates, which are the same as those awarded in Wales.

Could one of you proud Welshmen post a summary of the Weds BBC Wales prog for us southerners, please?

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