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Who's read the book "Wake Up! - Survive and Prosper in the Coming Economic Turmoil" by J Mellon et al?

The book appears to be advertised on the home page here.

I read the first and last chapters last night. I've no idea how credible his predictions are, but in my opinion if he is even half right, then the "The crash has been and gone" idea that has appeared on this site over the last few days is going to look fairly silly in a couple of years.

Anyone else read it? Any thoughts? Is it just scare mongering or does it predict a scenario that is at all likely?

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Bought it, but haven't read it yet. Skimmed a few pages.

Seemed to me that it was "we're all domed, go buy gold and silver"

Hopefully there's more to it than that.

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So judging by the low number of responses, I take it that not many people have read it. I'd have thought it was the sort of material that interested a lot of people on this site.

O well.


Are you trying to get a free book review before deciding whether to purchase? ;)

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Guest growl

I read it last week. It is a brilliant read. It is as if someone had taken all the best histrorical and economic facts from HPC site, and its forum, and put it all in the book. Of course most of the information in the book is what many of us know already. So I tended to skim the first two thirds, since that part of the book is really about convincing the reader that a very bad reccession, possible depression is going to happen over the next few years. This is where all the economic and historical data is to back up the argument.

The part I found interesting was the last part of the book, since I don't need any convincing of the bleak future we face. This part was full of tips for surviving and even prospering in the future, and the good thing was that the book gave tips to suit all bank balances.

It was worth the £7.99 I paid for it, and will be a useful tool to dip into, in the future.

If any of you know someone out there that is about to buy property or are getting themselves into more debt, or who just need the evidence. This would make an ideal Christmass present. They may not thankyou for it, but at least you would know that you had warned them.

If I have any criticism, it would be that the book was waited against warning, rather than surviving and therefore the title is a bit misleading. For those that don't need warning and arn't interested in more data. Then I would suggest finding the book in your local store and just reading the last part, without purchasing.

Strangly enough I also read 'The Grapes of Wrath' a couple of weeks back. So Wake Up gave a good non fiction compliment.

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Guest muttley

"The Next Great Bubble Boom" by Harry S Dent is a good read too,and he does offer some advice on how to prosper.

No HPC though! :(

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It's a fascinating and thought provoking book. It deals with economics, history, geopolitics etc. and financial survival during what the authors appear to believe will be some sort of repeat of the Great Depression.

They back up their assertions very convincingly imho. It's not at all a crazy backwoodsman survival offering.

I think it will stand many re-reads because it is so stuffed with facts that it can't all be absorbed straightaway.

In short, it's very educational even if you're more of an optimist than the authors.

I'm starting at the beginning again tonight!

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