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But, as many of you have said that you want to get involved in making the voices of savers heard, we are also about to hold our first demonstration. On Thursday October 6th, from 11am to 1pm, a group of savers will gather outside the Bank of England. Inside, the MPC will be meeting to set the base rate and nobody is predicting an increase. With CPI inflation at 4.5%, we need to remind the MPC that its role – defined by The Bank of England Act – is to keep inflation to the government’s target of 2%. Judging by a speech he made this week the MPC’s newest member, Ben Broadbent, appears not to have bothered reading the MPC’s remit before voting to keep base rates unchanged.

Those who feel able to come and join us are very welcome


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I applaud their faith that the MPC gives a fig.

If I wasn't in a frantic search for rented accommodation I would be there joining in, so that would make er likely about 9 of us present in total, probably be 2 police community support officers and a traffic warden on standby in case we shake our piggy banks too loudly

Mind you, the way TPTB ignore public protest these days, wouldn't matter if there were 2 million of us outside the BofE

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