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Drive To Buy

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Had an unsolicted email from an EA, who will remain nameless, (sounds like the lovechild of Smokey Robinson and Michael Jackson), entitled "Exciting Opportunity".

Said "opportunity" turned out to be recruiting mugs for a crummy TV show called Drive to Buy

I'm sure there were more details available before, but it involved viewing properties with other like minded buyers then potentially bidding against them for a time sensitive discount. Think a cross between Coach Trip, Four Rooms, and HPC fave Location x 3.

Would be interesting to delve into the legals. How is the discount funded etc?

Will probably be a sham where nothing actually completes.

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I an email too asking if I was interested in appearing on a tv show.

Looks like poor naive young couples are going to be rushed and pressured in spending hundreds of thousands of pounds. So much like LLL then.

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Slightly off-topic trip down memory lane:

I tried to sell a 1 bed house in Thamesmead through the then Robinson, Powell and Jackson branch in Plumstead. The "Powell" was the boss of the local branch and the name would change in each locality accordingly, so it would be Robinson, TinFoilHat and Jackson if I were to be the boss etc.

I saw the man himself, Dave Powell I think he was called. He got me to sign to a 3 month exclusive contract as agent, sent round nobody and when prompted it look like the agency had forgotten about my little house. What a shower of shit. Next agent I used sold it in a week - I forget what they were called but they were in Thamesmead itself and were the first agents there (and the only ones for a long time).

Over the road from this branch in Plumstead there was another agent with a young pointy shoed agent called Cliff who was stoned and more interested in talking dope. "Cliff the spliff" me and the wife nicknamed him.

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I think you should apply to this program and thell the viewers what is what..

Why would I buy this load of overpriced drivel, it needs to be 50% cheaper etc....

Absolutely! And be sure to laugh at the twigs and EAs bullsh*t!

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I literally think they wouldn't show it.

'Denial fear' still trumps 'car crash telly' in the paralysed-rabbit-eyes of most TV people.

Praps they should call it "Drive Buy Looting"?

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