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Hulk Hogan Slashes The Price Of His Florida Mansion By A Whopping $16 Million


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But former pro wrestler Hulk Hogan is so keen to add to his millions that he is slashing the price of his Florida mansion by $16m in a bid to sell it as fast as possible.

The 58-year-old muscle man just reduced the price of the huge home to just $8.85m - the fourth reduction in price since the home was originally listed back in 2006 at $25m.

5 years on the market??? Roughly a 64% price drop.

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Wonder if I could pin him down to a lower price? Price reduction is a bit of a body blow for him. Mind you nobody twisted his arm to buy it.........................................I'll get me trunks.

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Terry Hogan is a right wing Christian nutter.

But his wrestling alter-ego was cool when I was younger, even though his finishing move was crap.

But that daughter of his, I'd hit it. Especially after the breast pumping.


That's the kind of inflation I can approve of.

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Former wrestling star Hulk Hogan has revealed he blew 'hundreds of millions' on a lavish lifestyle during his glory years.

The 58-year-old admitted he was now living in a rented home having slashed the price of his Florida mansion by $16m in a bid to get it off the market.

At least he did his bit for the US economy.

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