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Any of you played that new game Deus Ex2. It is set about 20 years in the future, one of the most striking thing for me was visiting an area called Alice Garden City. Basically a large apartment block except instead of flats it was hundreds of these single occupancy pods on each floor. Communal showers, laundry, kitchens and lounges. But also densely packed pods, with just a bed and small space for personal items.

For me it was a it was a total stoic moment. It is blatantly going to come to that. Not necessarily in 20 years, but within my lifetime sure.

What we think of today as small homes will eventually be spilt into flats up and down, and eventually these pod cities will spring up.

In 20/50 years whatever, I don't doubt healthcare will be superb, entertainment and food will be unbelievably good, but peoples homes will be a place to sleep, anything else would be unviable for the average wage slave.


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