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All for £10.5k per annum

As a Team Leader, you can expect to work in one of our stores leading a team to provide a first class service. You will set an example of exceptional execution, working in collaboration with the Team Manager to manage, develop and support the performance of the team. You will deliver high standards through excellent customer service and better availability through the implementation of the stock control process. You’ll be managing the performance of a team of Customer Team Members on a day to day basis to create a knowledgeable, skilled & engaged team so that the highest standards of customer service & store operating practices are achieved at all times. In support of the Team Manager you’ll be given the opportunity to develop your managerial experience and career even further.

Our aim is to recruit Team Leaders that can make a difference and bring a leadership style that will inspire and bring the best out of our in store teams.

Want to join the UK’s Largest Community Retailer? Ideally you would be successfully performing in one of the following roles: Assistant Manager, Retail Team Leader, Team Leader, Duty Supervisor, Branch Supervisor, Shop Supervisor, Departmental Supervisor or Store Supervisor.

Successful candidates must:

Have experience of leading a Retail based team ideally in a Food environment

Put the customer at the heart of everything you do!

Enjoy working in a fast paced/target driven environment

Have a positive and flexible approach to work

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I was on that 8 years ago and underpaid then. And I didn't lead anyone.

It`s the same for all the main retail food supermarkets, well lets be honest Tesco struggles. :rolleyes:

I have spent 5 months trying to get a job for someone and have registered with the following companies for their job email alerts.

Tesco part time only nationwide except for Management Vacancies in stores

Sainsbury the same normally 12 hours

Asda the same

Morrisons the same

Co-Op the same

Iceland the same

Waitrose the same

TFL nothing

DLR nothing

Network Rail Nothing

National Express Rail nothing

Virgin Trains 2 vacancies Birmingham and Crewe part-time flooded with applicants

Royal Mail nothing

Various Councils nothing

How on earth is Dave going to put those on benefits into jobs when those who are desperate to work can`t get work. :rolleyes:

Another trick get 12 hour contract, one week busy and get a further 4 hours, following week very quite so the 4 hours is knocked off the 12 hours for that week. :rolleyes:

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All for £10.5k per annum

These jobs although based in your own country aren't for you. They want compliant foreign workers, not British workers who need a decent wage to live here. You can thank your job agencies and commodified labour market for jobs like this.

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These jobs although based in your own country aren't for you. They want compliant foreign workers, not British workers who need a decent wage to live here. You can thank your job agencies and commodified labour market for jobs like this.

The quicker we get out of the ******* EU the better. I dread to think how things will be in 5 years time.

Where does the money go earned by foreign workers back to their own countries, what good has it been for our economy at least British workers pour their earnings back into the economy by spending it.

It is the parasite shareholders of companies who show no social responsibility to communities, just their own disgusting personal greed. :rolleyes:

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On that salary you can afford to rent a flat and eat healthly .... for three days a week, God knows where you are supposed to sleep and what you are meant to eat for the other four days of the week.

You rely on the charity of your elderly parents struggling themselves on the paltry state pension. ;)

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Presumably you get a job at Greggs and get to eat your own weight in sausage rolls

Well at least their single crusty rolls at 20p are the cheapest in my Town.

Mind you Iceland`s ready meals at £1 are value for money, I love their spaghetti bolognese.

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I'm getting by on £6.5k a year.

That said, I won't refuse a bit of cash/beer/food in hand work.

Yup got my outgoings below £600 per month, thanks to my new social landlord.

I find it strange that as a life long Tory I now fully support social housing and have to regard anything offered by the so called private sector is usually a scam or a rip off, and not worth touching with a barge pole. I wouldn't even go work for the cnts for a Kings ransom.

I was in Poundland today, buying bleech (lol) and was thinking the only thing good about this, is that the pound shops were given the other racketeers a run for their money and they would have to demolish half the town centre if they didn't exist.

Capitalism, what a crock! :lol:

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