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The Mumbai Shacks Being Transformed Into Luxury Homes Thanks To India's Booming Economy

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From the outside it looks like any other run-down shack in the slums of Mumbai.

But behind the stained doors and dirty walls, the Shaikh family home is kitted out with a range of mod-cons - air conditioning, computers and swa_nky kitchen appliances.

They are one of the many once-poor families now living in five-star 'slum luxury', thanks to a booming Indian economy.


Slum dwellers are suddenly becoming respected middle class families - educated and employed, yet trapped in these crowded communities by soaring property prices in Mumbai.

Welcome to HPI India.

Edit for Swa_nky which the swear filter isn't intelligent enough to recognise as a non swear word.

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The side effect of the surging property prices is that unscrupulous developers are paying bribes to politicians to get slum areas cleared, so that they can build 'luxury apartments' on the land. Hundreds of thousands of people who have lived for generations on the land are being kicked out on a whim.

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