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For mostly personal reasons i don't want to hold physical gold.

I perceive buying paper gold to be risky - think there is too much paper going round for the amount of physical gold out there.

Next option seems to be buying gold miners - any suggestions here?


If i'd bought when i first got worried on this forum, i'd have doubled my housing deposit by now :(


Is why i'm starting to think i can't afford to not hedge out a bit..

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I would still opt for physical gold mate everyday purely because its tangible!

Its in your hand and then its into your safe, under your floor boards, in your garden, up in the attic, in the overfow, in the freezer submerged in a bowl of curry, in the dog kennel, up the chimney, in the fish tank - you get the idea.

I buy a full or a half sovereign every month and have done for years - its amazing how quickly they build up and pretty soon you have 10 oz of gold. Don't need a lot of room to hide that!

I have no faith in paper gold or paper miners - it's the same as investing in paper money in my eyes and has no tangibility to it. Who says that all these bullion vaults have actually bought the gold to back up their investors payments. I dare say they are audited but give it to me in the hand any day - so to speak!!!


Sheik Yabutti

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