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Earthquake Scientists In Dock In Italy


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Holy ******. Harsh or what.


Law of unintended consequences - They will NEVER get anyone else willing to work in these positions again. Why would they ? Therefore the danger will actually increase as a result. Or - if they somehow manage to - they will continually take the worst case scenario and people will be evacuated from their homes upon every single little tremor. Some people really are so stupid.

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As the trial opened, L'Aquila prosecutor Alfredo Rossini told reporters: "We simply want justice."

Justice for what? it was a natural disaster, and no matter how advanced we are, we can not predict eventsl ike this, with enough time scale to do something about it.

The defendants face up to 15 years in jail. Lawyers for civil plaintiffs - who include the local council - are seeking damages of 50m euros (£45m). The civil portion of the case will be heard alongside the criminal case.

Ah, there it is, Money, the REAL reason for this. they probably found that certain property was not insurred, so are hoping for the Scientists proffessional body has insurance and will cough up due ot negligence.

from memory alot of the properties/buildings that collapsed and killed people were a few hundred years old, so are they going to sue/charge the decendants of the architects/builders/planners for building on a geologically sizemic area with no proper planning for a big earthquake 100's of years in the future.

how about the settlers who first setup in that area and grew crops, farmed animals and then the town grew round them?

what about mother Nature her self, she had a part to play, And God he invented the earth, Mother nature and people he has blood on his hands

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