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Russian Hacker Sells Home And Cars To Pay Rbs

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Mr Pleshchuk and seven other Eastern European hackers managed to get their hands on the personal data of thousands of RBS customers in 2008.

They used the information to create fake debit cards and withdraw huge amounts of cash from ATMs in as many as 280 cities around the world.

The money was taken from 2,100 bank cash machines within 12 hours in the US, Russia, Estonia, Italy, Hong Kong, Japan and Canada.

Sophisticated plan

Kaspersky Labs chief security expert Alex Gostev said that the actual hacking was not the most complicated task the criminals had to deal with.

The technology used to commit such crimes is increasingly available and the penalties are extremely light”

"The most interesting part was the final stage of the attack - the organisation of masss withdrawals all over the world," he said.

"They had to find more than 150 people in [numerous] cities, give each one of them the instructions and the fake cards, organise synchronised withdrawal - all of this shows that it was a group of highly skilled professionals".

Once arrested, Mr Pleshchuk pleaded guilty.

In 2009, he and the rest of the hackers were also pursued by authorities in the US.

The eight were charged in the state of Georgia, where the Atlanta-based card-processing company, RBS WorldPay, was targeted.

In September 2010, Mr Pleshcuk received a six-year suspended sentence and an order to pay $8.9m (£6m) in restitution.

He managed to avoid jail by pledging to sell his property and compensate the bank for the damage caused.

"The problem is that the technology used to commit such crimes is increasingly available and the penalties, as we have seen with the Pleshchuk case, are extremely light even in the rare event of an arrest, due largely to corruption.

"From a cost-benefit perspective, there is no reason for criminal enterprises not to double their bets on international bank crimes, so the problem will continue to get worse.

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The SOB should have sent me a check for the wasted time I spent at the bank signing papers closing my ATM card and requesting a new one after one of his partners in crime took $700 out of my bank account at an ATM in the lobby of a hotel in Cairo Egypt. I hope he burns in hell. If he were in front of me, I'd kill him.

PS--Hey wisecracking folks, you obviously don't realize it, but the banks, the bankers, and we the people are the victims here.

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