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Lebedev, Russian Owner Of Independent, Evening Standard, In Live Studio Punch Up

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"Russian media mogul (and ex KGB man) Alexander Lebedev, who owns two UK newspapers, has punched a fellow guest off his seat during a televised economic debate in Moscow."


Another Oligarch in Britain. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/8303469.stm

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The psychopath reveals himself. Good enough reason to boycott the Independent. This story and that of the rogue UBS trader epitomises how contemporary society has gone - it's rule by criminals.

On the subject of violence I got head butted in a bar in Bali a few months ago. For a while I was seriously worried I was going to suffer a brain haemorrhage. I was nauseous and had a massive head ache for a week. In some respects I was very lucky; there was no blood, but no broken bones or bruising, thank God, but it was one hell of a bang. My assailant was - surprise, surprise - a drunken Glaswegian. Me? I was at the bar, sober, drinking Seven-Up, watching soccer, minding my own business, killing time before my 6am flight. I didn't want alcohol because I knew it would send me asleep. Lo-and-behold, the local police wanted money to go round and arrest him.

I happen to be friends with the British Consul in Bali and when I reported the matter to him on a later visit, he recognised the guy immediately from my description. Turns out this guy is a violent predator with a sadisitic habit of showing who he thinks is charge. Only the year before he had head butted a German friend the Consul was entertaining in a cafe. This is why wherever I go in Bali these days I carry a machete.

If I see that guy again . . .

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The psychopath reveals himself. .....

This is why wherever I go in Bali these days I carry a machete.

If I see that guy again . . .

Intended irony? :P

It would certainly make question time more interesting and to be honest there are a number of people I would find hard not to want to punch in the face.

Have these two got form about having digs with each other in the past? Although as noted it could be staged for a reason. Is Putin seeing how this goes down with Russians will he end up attacking a political rival on TV?

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