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Be interesting to see if they honour the London fix any better.

Last time I called up, early morning, to take advantage of the lower price I was told to call back after the new fix was in, by which time the price was way higher so I didn't bother calling back.

They either need to track the spot price or hold the fix right up to the point the next one is in. I'm not sure exactly how HGM are using these fixes since they only ever seem to fix on the morning one. Even the crappy C4G shop in town uses both.

Still baffles me how a dealer can hedge a live market using daily fixes. Maybe someone in the know can clarify this?

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Sov prices slightly lower than say, Bairds, although there's no option to select the year and type of sovereign.

Lots of stuff n/a at the moment.

Still, a useful step, but they really need to build on it.

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If their new revised site is to be believed it looks like they are fresh out of Krugerrands today.

Cannot imagine why people are rushing to buy these barbaric relics myself, especially given the fact they are in a bubble :lol:

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