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Massive March By Solidarity In Wrocław, Poland Yesterday


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Wrocław, Poland - yesterday the 17th September, there were absolutely loads and loads of marchers going from the new stadium to the city centre. George Michael must have been a bit bemused - his concert was only a few hours away when they set off.

Quite a lot of people here seem to be busy with working lives and happy with everything - you get the impression the government has considerable support, however the numbers marching and of all age ranges seen suggests that there's quite a lot of Poles at least outside of the largest cities who won't be voting for the current government, Civic/Citizens' Platform.

Along with thousands of Poles, there were a good many marchers also from Hungary, the Czech Republic and other countries, along with an old London bus (which you can hire if you call a Romford number!)

The main roads were of course closed off as the numbers marching were it seemed never ending, an absolute sea of banners.

Yesterday's date was perhaps deliberately chosen by Polish Solidarity (Solidarność) as it is an important historical anniversary, afaik, although the opening of the new stadium may have been a factor. There were few television crews present, compared to other events I've seen.

Several thousand police were visible including a large contingent in heavy riot gear sitting in coaches and vans. Their presence may have been increased as US Treasury man Geitner and other VIPs were nearby discussing Eurozone issues. Their police colleagues also marched in ceremonial uniform, along with the Polish NHS, the Polish fire brigade, factory workers, acr assembly line workers, teachers. miners, and pretty much you name it.

Loud voovoozalers and simulated air raid sirens punctuated the march but it seemed very well behaved with a good atmosphere, seemed like startled tourists looked on in the streets, coffee shops and at the city centre square, the event ending in a bit of a concert with some singers and a big video screen.

At the moment, new democratic parties (both formed in 2001) are the main players in Polish politics, along with other, older and renamed parties which some insist are infiltrated by former communists looking to reinstate communism via the back door.

There is a general election on the 9th October in Poland which may not result in a clear winner out of the two main runners, Platforma Obywatelska (Civic Platform or PO) and Prawo i Sprawiedliwość (Law and Justice or PiS).

News reports/video

40000 marched calling for end to austerity


Close to 40.000 protesters from across Poland took to the streets of Wroclaw on Saturday to call for solidarity in Europe and to protest against austerity packages. “No to austerity, you pay”; tens of thousands of people took unions’ invitations to protest in Wroclaw. The protest march was held at the same time as the informal Ecofin summit. A loud and multi-colored river of people armed with whistles and horns blocked the Polish city’s roads, progressively moving from the conference venue to the city center. The turnout exceeded even the forecast of 30000 predicted by the organizers, and led to Europe’s finance ministers drawing the meeting to an early close in order to avoid becoming stuck on the road and thus missing their flights.

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