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H B O S Online Fiasco

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Just when you really, really need it:

Halifax, Bank of Scotland face customer backlash after Lloyds online merger hiccup

Millions of Halifax and Bank of Scotland customers have been unable to gain full access to their online accounts after a 'big bang' integration with the Lloyds Internet platform over the weekend.
Customers logging in to their accounts on Monday morning found they could not view a full history of their transactions online. Instead they were greeted with a basic status update from the bank: "Unfortunately we can only provide a limited statement service at this time. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you. Please try again later."
Lloyds had warned customers of potential disruption to services over the weekend as it merged its online systems with Halifax and Bank of Scotland.
However by late Tuesday the problems had yet to be resolved, leaving customers frustrated by the problems and the banks' responses to their concerns.


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As they merged the two computer systems did they find out they have no money collectively?

They probably had less.

IT projects don't spin themselves over budget on their own.

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Interesting that this has gone ahead, considering there is talk that Lloyds is too big and should be broken up.

Was this project rushed?

No comment. ;)

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