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Gwynedd To Give Locals Priority Over Housing Amid 140% Rise In Property Prices

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A WELSH county that has seen property prices rocket by 140% in the last decade is to give greater priority to locals for housing.

A new scheme in Gwynedd will ensure “additional preference is provided to applicants with a local connection” for social housing.

The policy, which will go before a meeting of Gwynedd council’s cabinet or board next Tuesday, is to be adopted by all the area’s housing associations and the local authority.

Parts of the county like the Lln Peninsula and beauty spots in the Snowdonia National Park popular with second-home owners, face chronic shortages of affordable homes for locals.

The planned Gwynedd Common Housing Allocation Scheme includes a rural lettings policy “or needs-based points scheme” to enable first preference to go to locals or people from nearby communities.

Gwynedd councillor Penri Jones, who represents Llanbedrog on the Lln Peninsula, said there is a stark need for greater help for those struggling with the high cost of mortgages and rents in the area.

He said many properties sell for between £200,000 and £300,000 in Llanbedrog and the private rented sector is dominated by expensive holiday lets.

Plaid Cymru councillor Mr Jones, 68, a retired lecturer who has lived in the village all his life, said: “On the Lln Peninsula the problem is very severe. It would be impossible for a person on the average salary, if you are in work, to get on the housing ladder.

“Most of the those (homes in the private rented sector) would be let as holiday homes – if I had a spare house I wouldn’t have any scruples, I would let it for about £400 per week.”

By comparison average housing association rents for three and four-bedroomed homes in Gwynedd stand at between £273 and £295 per month.

Read More http://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/wales-news/2011/09/14/gwynedd-to-give-locals-priority-over-housing-amid-140-rise-in-property-prices-91466-29416774/#ixzz1XwKgUXp4

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I hope it isn't as discriminatory as the last one which was the subject of a reprimand by the Ombudsman.

Yes we have problems in Gwynedd and Snowdonia in particular but so do all coastal areas that are popular with 'inmigrants' as they are called here. However this argument for preventing more development is lost on the locals who need a house NOW, look at the numbers on the waiting list and then add those on the lists of Cymdeithas tai Eryri, North Wales Housing Association and Tai Clwyd, oh and the private sector, then we add those who have been identified as being in need by the Rural Housing enablers, there are HUNDREDS of them in Snowdonia, these unfortunate peopl often don't qualify to be on a housing register, or prefer not to bother due to the length of time taken and/or the stress of seeing Polish catering workers or Brummie single mums jump the queue. No, I am not being discriminatory, I just can't find another way of describing what the locals who are born and bred in an area where it gets more difficult by the day to get a home of your own are faced with.

I blame the "Policies of Misery" which is why my wife's land has been placed in a green wedge that preculudes even affordable dwellings!!

Siomedig iawn.

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