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More Skips Than You Can Shake A Stick At


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Speaking to a roofer today, he's never been so busy, nor his brother who throws up scaffolding, people aren't moving they are improving so he says.


Maybe, or maybe they are doing the work to make the place more saleable?

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Been out today and see loads of skips. 3 on one road and others scattered about.

How many have you seen recently on your travels?

Does skip hire indicate economic growth?

My neighbour over the road from me has a skip company and he normally has no skips ,today went passed and must have 25 skips there things must be bad.

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I've noticed that of the very few houses that sell, half are getting gutted. I presume by builders as no one is resident.

I presume the reasons for this is a) they have some money from the boom B) they don;t have a lot of other work on.

Some are getting so made over that there must be no chance of them ever making the money back.

Easy come, easy go I guess.

But I'm not complaining. I've got rid of loads of crap I'd have to take to the dump.

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