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We Need More Homes, Not Baffling Desperation

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And yet, as the Royal Institute of British Architects (Riba) points out, we have to do more. Its Case for Space report makes clear that many of our new homes are too small and poorly designed. The most common three-bed home should have 23% more space to meet the basic, recommended minimum size. Riba is about to launch a future homes commission examining the often lamentable state of our new housing. “In the rush to build quickly, and cheaply, we risk storing up unnecessary problems for the future,” says the institute’s chief executive, Harry Rich.

However, I think we all know new build houses are too small!

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Ive had heated conversations with Rics Surveyors in the past, who swore blind that house prices would never drop back to the historic measure of affordability. I.E 3x salary.

Yet they would not fully acknowledge the fraudulent reasons how house prices were manipulated to rise by 300% in a decade.....

Id be happy to see some of the Rics people I have talked to, on the street with a begging bowl.......................... Glorified Estate Agent anyone?

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We need more homes....but more importantly we need more cost of living, stable, long-term jobs to pay for the homes.

No good building homes nobody wants and nobody can buy......that only provides employment for the land speculators and builders......when they have built what is required who will and who will be able to fill the spaces?

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Make it so that self builds don't require planning permission.

allow people to build on agricultural land if they are building less than 12 homes at a time.

relax planning laws to allow people to set up shops in their homes etc etc.

hundreds of things they could do to get things moving and to make house prices cheaper - not that they will mind.

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Take another look at the link Unemployed Again Youth -

:lol: Someone was a bit too click happy about getting this story out there.

hehe, the article is now live, and there is a link to the RIBA case for space report that looks at the GIFA of new builds and has recommendations for the minimum size of new build homes.

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