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Cancelling Fasthosts

The Masked Tulip

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I set up a hosting account with Fasthosts a few years ago for exchange email. I needed it for my phone.

I tried to cancel it last year but it automatically renewed. Earlier this year I rang them up to cancel the account before it was automatically renewed this September. I rang and rang but got no answer. I rang a few times but in the end got I fed up with the constant ringing and no answering.

So I logged on to the control panel system they use expecting to find a way of either cancelling the auto-renew or simply cancelling the account. There was no way. I can cancel my Amazon account, M&S account and virtually every other account in a few clicks but not my Fasthosts account.

I noticed my credit card would expire before auto-renewal this year so decided to leave that expired card there as I had no interest in renewing. Well, guess what, they have gone and automatically billed me for £120 and have put a £20 admin charge on top.

I have been in email conversation with them today and I am just going around in circles. I have googled 'fasthosts cancel' and 'fasthosts cancelling' and have been shocked by the sheer numbers of people who have found it almost impossible to cancel their fasthosts accounts and who keep on getting billed by them.

I emailed Fasthosts earlier and told them, under the distance selling regs, that I was cancelling the contract but they said, on the telephone, that the distance regs do not apply due to the fact that the contract had begun years ago. I argued the point that the contract is a new one each year.

Anyhow, I don't want to be one of these people who just goes around in 'Fasthosts hell' - although I am seriously considering whether to take this to the small claims court - so I just telephoned them telling them that I will consider paying the £120 but not the £20 admin fee IF they email back that they will then cancel the account as soon as they receive the cheque. I told them that I was not prepared to give them my credit card details as I do not trust them to bill me again next year.

I have asked for all of this in writing.

At the moment I am thinking that it is worth the £120 just to get away from them.

What a terrible organisation IMPO. I am shocked by how many people have posted on-line how difficult it is to cancel their fasthosts accounts.

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If it went through a CC company can't you get them on your side?

If you've got evidence that you tried to cancel before they billed you, tell CC company it was an unauthorised billing which you'd like to dispute?

People have tried this and posted about it on-line - seems people decided it was easier to pay up and walk away.

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It might be easier to get them to want to drop you, look up their 'acceptable use policy' and try to break as many rules as you can. Change the name/address to something obviously fake and start sending spam email to their sales address.

They supposedly are supposed to kick you for not having an up to date credit card in your details but, as others have posted on-line, trying to get them to kick you re their 'acceptable use policy' is allegedly very difficult.

As I said, if you google 'avoid fasthosts', 'fasthosts cancel', 'fashosts cancelling account' and various variations you will be amazed by how many people have had the same or similar problem.

Thanks both for your suggestions.

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If your card expired just leave it and let them chase you for the amount?!?

I tried to cancel my x-box live subscription (as I don't really use it), but got through to the 'salesman on speed' - I have never ever ever heard someone talk so fast.

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MT write a letter stating that you do not want to continue with the contract on xx date. Send it recorded delivery to the registered company address.

If they try and bill you or threaten legal action for breach of contract, you will have the letter. Keep all the email correspondence (you can even include it with the letter)

I would check the T&C's just to ensure that they have not put a sneaky time limit on when you can cancel the contract before renewal.

template letter http://office.microsoft.com/en-gb/templates/letter-to-cancel-contract-TC010380459.aspx it will need a bit of tinkering



Just checked you need to cancel 14 prior to renewal

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I sympathise...

I have my own dedicated boxes, but I did once have a Fasthosts account - actually, three - one for parents hosting, one for a client and one for mucking around with. All - if I remember rightly - in the region of a fiver a month. So the reseller account didn't make sense.

One month my card had to be stopped as two dodgy transactions showed up on my bank statement. That month the payment failed. When I sorted that, I was then billed the "admin fee" which was something like £20.

So a £20 fee for paying a bill of about a fiver for services in advance, not arrears, a few days late.

I moved everything away (I work on matters of principle like that, even though it was hassle) and called to cancel. Couldn't get through. No control panel option.

Called again next day. 30 minute queue then got cut off. By now we're into the next charging month. I don't recall how, but I stopped the payment for that going - might have cancelled that account. So that went "overdue" too.

Called again, got through. "Why are you cancelling?" - I explain about the admin fee.

"Is there anything I can say to make you stay? What if I were to void it off"

"I offered you that opportunity earlier by email, and you ignored me. I've already migrated everything away"

"OK - I've cancelled that account."

"OK - cancel this one as well....


"And this one...."

"OK they're all cancelled now"

"Fine. Would you also like to refund me the admin fee, or shall I take you to the small claims court for that?"

"Can't do that"

"OK, small claims court it is then. By the way, your prices are advertised as monthly, but since this happened, I've looked more closely at the debits. They're every 30 days"

"That's right"

"No it isn't. Because if you bill every 30 days, then you're overcharging me because it's monthly"

This went on for a little while and I concluded I'd end the call and take them to court on both counts.

I subsequently found others had done the same (there's a very prominent case on the internet you might be able to track down, and they backed down the day before they were due in court, and there have been several others)

It's only £20. But I have that "parked" mentally and one day if I can be bothered, I will indeed sue for the £20 back - since there is no way that the fee of £20 actually represents their costs related to that "late" payment due in advance, and also on the overcharging.


If you have migrated everything away, how about simply refusing to pay anything? I don't believe their details go to credit reference agencies, because it isn't credit. It's due in advance.

Sorry I can't help more, but misery loves company, as they say.

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I am just paying the money via cheque and putting it in writing that I want no further connection with them.

I have looked on-line and I am staggered by just how many people are appalled by their billing methods and people find almost impossible to cancel their accounts. People claiming that they used the ticket cancelling system but still got billed, people who telephoned them, like me, but could not get through to anyone or people who got to talk to someone, thought things were cancelled and then only to get billed again.

I don't need the stress in my life now and I suspect that is what fasthosts count upon. I will say it again, I am truly shocked just how many people have posted on-line their disgust and anger at trying to cancel their accounts.

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If your card expired just leave it and let them chase you for the amount?!?

I tried to cancel my x-box live subscription (as I don't really use it), but got through to the 'salesman on speed' - I have never ever ever heard someone talk so fast.

Interestingly enough, my xbox live membership got automatically renewed today.

But about 2 months ago I had changed my settings on my xbox account for MS not to automatically renew. Also, like with fasthosts, the credit card had expired.

The reason I decided not to renew with xbox is because I like playing COD WAW online but it got hacked back in July and it is now unplayable online. It is the only game I enjoy playing online.

So I telephone Microsoft this morning and the guy on the phone could not be more helpful - apologised for the billing, told me that no money had been taken or would have been taken anyway for a month. He admitted that there was a problem with COD but that it was down to the games company who manage the server to stop the hack.

In short, the xbox people could not have been more helpful and I got off the phone thinking that I will join up again once the new COD is out at the end of November - if it is any good.

Completely different to my fasthosts experience.

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Doesnt it hilight to you the flaws in the banking system that expired credit cards are able to be used with some companies still? Its a two tier system, the global corps and the nots.

Or they can bill you for making a charge on an expired credit card. The good companies obviously do not do this. No wonder the banks wish to get rid of cheques and, eventually, cash.

I am beginning to understand all those boys who go and build a log cabin in the middle of Montana or some other remote US state before going on about black helicopters.

I can only see things getting worse for Humanity until there is some kind of massive global revolt against this unbridled capitalism.

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The black helicopters and cattle mutilation is to test organs for radioactivity, the US did some nuclear tests in their own back yard but rather than pay for the cattle, they do black op's laser scalple the organs to take back to labs to test, leaving the ranchers to claim on any insurance they have.

The US Govt doesnt want to pay up for their own mistakes or play fairly by international law!

In the 60s they released whooping cough off Tampa, Florida to just see how it would spread. Thousands suffered terribly with it, some people died.

The US has a long history post WW2 of testing all sorts of stuff on its population without telling them. No wonder The X-Files was such a success.

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send them a letter, giving them 14 days notice that you want your money back.

issue summons and fees and interest.

Sit back and enjoy.

Add the bank to the summons...they paid on an unauthorised account...thats their lookout.

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  • 1 year later...

Hi folks, this has reared its head again.

In the end I paid up the £199 by sending Fasthosts a cheque along with a recorded delivery letter - Sept of last year - saying that I was paying them on account that they cancelled all web hosting packages, domain names and any accounts I had with them. I said in the letter that I would treat any further contact as harassment.

Well, I just checked in my hotmail email account and they sent me an email on the 10th of this month saying that they are auto-renewing my domain name in November and notifying me of the changes to renewal. If I want to change the auto-renewal from 1 year to 2 years I can log on and change it.

Anyhow, I just emailed them back - including a copy of my letter of Sept of last year - pointing out that I paid them on condition that they cancelled all my accounts, web hosting and domain names with them.

They are a nightmare you cannot escape them.

I am now faced with them, no doubt, once again intending to debit money from my bank account.

I did momentarily think about logging into their management tool and trying to disable auto-renewal - what do you think - but as I am of a view that I finished all my involvement with them as of September 2011 I think I will wait and see whether they deduct the money for domain name renewal and then take them to the small claims court?

What do you think?

Can I get the Nationwide to cancel my debit card or to not accept billing from them?

Thanks for any advice.

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Surprised they are still in business.

They have been shite for years.

TheRegister is full of stories about their f*ck ups and screwing over customers




The comments to the articles say it all

They are so awful that they are bound to win a government contract to host some of the governments new 'Cloud Services'


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I'd been told p*pex were bitches to cancel. So I started a blog and charted the progress of my cancellation. Not one single thing wrong with the process.

Don't use the account, delete all files and any db. Any remaining files on the server of yours will be deemed using the service.

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Worth pointing out that Fasthosts is part of the same group that owns 1&1 web hosting. This also includes Streamline.net a former Fasthosts reseller.

Once filed a complaint against Google Adwords when out of the first top 10 Adwords results four where all of the same group (United Internet) so consumers had no real choice. I think I only managed to get one removed, despite them clearly outbidding other competitors.

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