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Housing Associations Renting From Private Landlords

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Just read this article in the Times property section:


All about councils, housing associations and other social housing providers urgently needing property to house tenants in, so they rent from private landlords, pay them to going rate whether the property is filled or not and takes on all responsibility for the property without costing the landlord a penny!! Sound too good to be true?

Apparently such is the demand that £5000 incentives may be offered - it doesn't mention examples though.

Anyone know of which associations are in most need? The article only mentions the Notting Hill Housing Group.

Have any landlords actually rented in this way? I'd be interested ti find out.



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Have any landlords actually rented in this way? I'd be interested ti find out.

Yes this is very common, my sister rents her house to the council in Haringey and my friend does also in Ilford. My friend in Ilford now lives in the US but she has to use a middle man (management company) who recently asked her to send her proof that she is using a BTL mortgage. :unsure:

Well she isn't using one so she is a bit stuffed!!

Oh, in both cases the council pay below the market rate and I am not sure if they will increase it over the 3 or 5 year period.


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From a colleague on another forum I visit recently:


(1) Get reasonably good rent. I consider these to be market value rent.

(2) No void periods in between tenancies

(3) No agents commission to pay

(4) Possible renewal of contract for a further 3 or 5 years

(5) Rent by Bank credit into my bank account like clockwork so I know that all loan repayments will be paid on time.

(6) HA is willing to arrange all repair work done. They will contact the workmen and the tenants and all I have to do is to pay the contractor's bill plus HA's 10% handling fee based on cost of each job. I do not have the worry of finding the workmen, liasing with the tenant and getting the work done.


(1) I am still responsible for all repairs and maintenance. I pay approx £17pm to their nominated contractor for all gas maintenance and safety certificates work. I consider this good value for money. However, all other work, eg plumbing, electrical etc is notified to me if I want to do it myself or to authorise then to get it done through their regular contractors. these bills could be expensive (£100 to £200), but remember we are talking about London and also remember that you do not pay any commission to agents. the money saved on commissions is more than the cost of repair bills required to a property.

(2) Rent reviews are included in the contract but may not be much, if anything at all. However, may be this is due to the present rental market.

Overall conclusion:

I would have no hesitation to give to a Housing association so long as you are happy with the initial rent offered to you.

It is better to own a freehold house than a leasehold flat, especially an ex-local authority flat. These flats have some major works bills for the owners for work done by the freeholders, usually local councils.

Hope this gives you some useful information.

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