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What will he say? Hope anyone?

Jobs for building workers, teachers, money for tax cuts and to be spent on infrastructure.


It'll be the usual "America is the land of opportunity... yada yada" which you'd expect to hear from a US President. It was true 50 years ago. Today it's laughable.

And yes there's going to be mega QE coming in the next year or so. It'll push up commodities, stocks, general inflation... won't create a single job though.

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" Yes we can...get away with passing all the banks' debts onto the taxpayer, and pretending to be on the people's side while we do it."

I think there is a phrase for someone who talks all the others into carrying on, putting up with slavery, in return for a cushy lifestyle for himself...

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It's QE isn't it.

He is positioning himself well for the election by being the people's President, but Congress has to pass his bill... which means they have to come on board for QE or look the villains... If they come on board then they can't say they did not want more QE.

So he is painted the Tea Party lot into a corner.

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No - wait - he says there will be more deficit reduction to pay for it!!! He's going down the Osborne route! :blink: As I said in another thread, this is an economic/currency war and the country one step ahead of the others is winning. Looks like we're the one others are copying.. :lol:

(I seem to remember European and American politicians dead against the Conservatives' deficit reduction plans 2-3 years ago... now they're all at it. No wonder Hague is loving his time as Foregin Sec... it's like the good ol' days!)

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Well, no, he's saying that the US government will cut spending in other areas to fund specific spending he's outlining tonight.

Yes, heard that but, for the first time since he got in, he is actually putting forward a job creation scheme based around education, infrastructure, engineering.

This is the speech he should have made at his first state of the union in Jan 2008.

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It makes you wonder why it's taken this long!

Because he got waylaid by Bernanke, Paulson and Co?

Buy shares in engineering companies, steel, oil, etc, buy commodities - he is making his opening election speech here, with another one a week Monday about corporate taxes, so he is going to force this bill through no matter what, no doubt threatening to do it as a Presidential bill.

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