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Insects As Food


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Never eaten insects, but wouldn't be averse to it. I hear crickets are very tasty.

Half hour show on R4 today, well worth a listen:


Most of the research seems to be in the Netherlands. They grow locusts etc, and reckon the protein and fatty acids from insect flour/meal will steadily enter our food chain through supermarkets over the next ten years.

I thought the best bit was the scientist who entered a national competition as a kid to address the problem of world hunger. He thought, How can I make things that are not food into food? His answer lay in recognising that insects are the conversion mechanism, turning waste into protein while using 15% of the energy required to rear animals for the same yield.

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I don't think there's much else to say after looking at this picture.

A veteran of 30+ trips to the far east there is not much nasty stuff that I haven't tried.

I have eaten insects, but they are not very nice. Crocodile Dundee springs to mind. "Yeah, you can live off it, but it tastes like shit".

Saying that I've tried some stuff that I thought would be really nasty and actually was alright. Snake in particular isn't that bad.

No one with any sense is going to eat insects unless they have no choice. Steak tastes much better.

I guess if they turn insects into some sort of refined protein it may not taste that bad. I will reserve judgement on that one until I've tried it.

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