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Landlords Trying For A 'quick' Sell, Gets The Board Up Fast

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I thought it would be nice to keep everyone informed from start to finish on this one. Firstly it doesn't worry us as tenants as we are about to purchase our first house blah blah etc and will be gone anyway. However as timing has it our landlords want to sell, and sell quick. They have found their dream home and want to sell this one asap, I thought I would report since their over enthusiasm and market niaivity is comical.

Let the fun commence. Firstly they have probably chosen the worst time of year to 'try' and sell, the winter months rapidly approaching etc. Secondly the property is a chalet bungalow so not suited to families nor retired people looking for a one level bungalow, you still have to go upstairs to bed.

Thirdly is the price, £190 - £200k for a bungalow which in our valuation should be around the £165k as an upper value.

Fourthly the fact that there is a major damp problem in the downstairs bedroom, the landlord is coming to to a paint over job. The cause is an oak tree about 4 foot from the house causing ground heave on that corner and dodgy past building work has failed to see any proper damp course laid down.

Fifthly the boiler is knackered. (3k off straight away)

Sixthy the garden is old woody shubs, massively overgrown and is very, very had work to maintain so would been major work also.

Seventhly the Estate Agents are so poor in communication and bull sh*t, that they have already indicated to the landlord that there is a 'couple' who might be interested. (You know just to get them on their books.)

Eightly, they are in competition with hundreds of other 'better' priced properties.

Other than that it will fly off the shelf, i.e their dream will lay in tatters, it will be double boarded by Christmas and back up for let by April next year. A little prediction of mine.

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