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So the price of meat is too high decides a minister

What do we do says the government to itself

I know! says a government quango

Let's give farmers credit to buy livestock!

Brilliant...here is a 7 figure salary for being so dam smart!

Time passes

WTF meat is more expensive

Government ministers scratch their heads. And ponder for many a moon

I know. We just need to subsidise the credit we give to farmers to buy livestock

Brilliant. You genius you. Here you can head this new agency and have a seven figure salary

Time passes

WTF is going on...meat is even MORE expensive!

Government ministers scratch their heads

Maybe people are eating more meat? That's probably it

Maybe it is those dam goat speculators. Having never worked with goats buying up whole heards to sell on at a higher goat price!

Maybe its because the population is increasing?

What shall we do?

Many moons pass

I know! I knowwwwww!

U know?


Let's make the credit nearly free!

You genius you!

Let's set up a department and you genius you can run it for a seven figure salary

What next?

Welcome to turkey 2011

Where meat costs about 3x as much as most EU national while income is a third the level

You gotta love credit

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The Ministers were probably flipping goats.

No probably about it. Bet they were investing in the feed suppliers and butchers too, and cutting some prime cuts lobbed to them under the counter when they left the shop.

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