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So they managed to come up with photos of a 1970s moon landing, but none of the body of the man they spent ten years, two wars and trillions of dollars looking for.

I believe that's Bob Ballard's new show: first the Titanic, then the Bismark, now he's back for his toughest mission yet... The Search For bin Laden's Bones.

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If you look carefully at the tyretracks on the moon in those pictures it looks like the astronauts have drawn a giant knob and balls, like you used to see in the condensation in schoolbus windows…

You, sir, have a dirty mind: I'm just not seeing it, and I've peered at the pictures till I'm growing worried for my eyesight.

That said, I cant make out the astronut footprints either.

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Did people really walk on the moon in 1969?

I once owned a car that was built in 1969, it was a major ordeal to get it started in the morning and it broke down every time it went through a puddle.

There was a time when I believed everything the media reported, although I possibly don't now. What are other people's opinions on this? Is there irrefutable evidence that it really did happen or could it all just be a hoax?

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Really! we're going to do this thread again?

there is evidence they landed on a moon. if you know of where you can get hold of a quite powerful telescope, you can see the landing sites for your self.

i've owned lots of thing from 1960 to date, and they have been of varying quality etc.

getting people into space is not really technically challenging, and the approach that is still used is the "barn door" engineering sledge hammer approach.

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Have you seen the fox documentary that the moon landing were a hoax?

The biggest argument for me is why haven't we been back since? How would a historian ever explain that?

that is a very good question, but i think the historians will ask "why, in 2012 did people know more about the surface of the other planets on our solar system, than we did about the ocean floor?"

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