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Brown Saves The World... Again

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A Global Growth Bargain

Brown says: - we should invest in growth businesses. Trouble is the West is not well placed. Why is that? Er... move along or I'll throw something at you!

We need a big agreement (which he suggested) where China acts against it's own interest to help the West out. Oddly enough, no-one was listening.

Basically, fund investment through deficit spending and everything will be OK.

I support public investment in growth industries, even in industries that are so cutting edge they may not actually work - that's public money doing good things. You gotta stop spending so much on nonsense before you can do that though!

I like Project Syndicate but this article demeans it.

(Note the use of the words "should" and "could" in his 2 main arguments - always a giveaway for me)

I think I've gotten over my dislike of him and he pops up with this! Arrgh! :angry:

Edit: I love irony, when I first posted this, the post immediately below was "Housing benefit, only £1bn every 16.4 days".

Edit 2: I just noticed the date it was first posted and apologise for bringing up old stuff, I can only blame the PS site for listing it at the top of the page. Still made me rant though B)

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