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Guest growl

When All You Have Is Vi Propaganda

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Guest growl

Last Friday I lost my Internet connection. Since I basically run my life on the Internet(banking, trading, working, shopping, communicating etc), you can imagine how frustrated I was.

But over the week end when I couldn't get to a library from where I am, I increasingly felt isolated. Because I only had the television and what was in the newspapers. That's when it really hit home how uninformed the public at large really are about the economy.

Unforntunately at about the same time my satelite dish began playing up and the only news channel that I could get without the screen and sound constantly jumping around was BBC 24.

I really began to feel as if I was in some orwelian dream. I even started to feel as if maybe I had been deluding myself about the economy. Maybe that site and it news blog I had visited on a daily basis was just a bunch of conspiracy theorists. I had been feeding my addiction for gloomy economic news and everything wasn't so bad after all.

Luckily come Monday my instinct told me to get to the Library. I did and thankfully connected, went to HPC website, and suddenly the veils lifted and I felt like my old cheerful self again. Of course I only got half an hours worth of time so only spent 5 minutes on HPC as a lurker.

Then the book Wake Up by Mellon turned up in the post on Tuesday. What a brillaint read.

I got the internet back today. but I have to say that all the twaddle on the news this week about how house prices have picked up again, and also the lack of real economic news has brought it home to me.

I knew it was bad for Joe Public who maybe don't have the time I do to find out the information. but I didn't think it was that bad. <_<

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