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The loser must be thinking; ' Gutted, I was focussed and visualised red and it was black, God really hates me I must have committed an very bad sin. Black is ... well bad, the sign of the devil so red should have won. Maybe it's fixed and Cowell did not want to lose any more money; one ex con .. boo, one with a poorly wife .. hooray.'

Final couple on Million Pound drop the othe night first question and they lost £900k on one drop. They are coming back this Friday but with only £100k left and 7 questions I don't think they will be going home with anything.

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Why did he not call black tonight , after two reds it had to be black.

Is this show on every night? :unsure:

As already said, there won't be a double dip as it's all been one big dip, disguised by "stimulus".

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Will we wont we?

I think we will until we get more stimulus.. then everything will perk up again (for at least a while).

The central bankers have already decided that inflating our way out is preferable to deflating our way out.. and they will look a bit silly if they change their minds now.

Unless we scrape by with stagnant growth I expect more stimulus to come from somewhere. I think that could be sooner rather than later because our industry is already seeing the taps turned off for the first time since 2008. Pretty much no capital spending what so ever.. which pretty quickly becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.

Just my two pence..

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