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What Will The German Judges Decide This Week?

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This topic seems to excite all the economic commentators at the moment and looks to be the big news story this week.

As i dont really have an in depth knowledge about the German constitution arrangement i'm a bit unsure whether this will be make-or-break but AEP and others seem to be having wet-dreams about it. Does anyone here know?


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It's going to be an interesting decision, to be honest I have no idea which way it will go clearly the current German govt will be putting all sorts of pressure to get the bailout legally approved.

I think the decision will be on a knife's edge and certainly any judgement in favour will be well worth a read.

A decision by the judges to reject the legality of the bailout and it will be interesting watching the politicians panic and slag off the judges.

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just read that article.

I would say, not a chance of a negative judgement, so basically another none story.

Further on in the article, it talks about when the people have had enough etc. but will the people ever be given a say.

Commentary I read suggests the bailout will not exactly be declared illegal but there will be a need for more consultation in future.

This would be quite a significant decision, because the Eurocrats want to do as they please with funds - skipping the Bundestag and some other countries' parliaments too - hence Merkel's support for 'expanded powers' of bailout funds.

The people are having a say: Merkel's party got a kicking in Pomerania and the same is expected in Berlin this week. I think the outcome will be interesting . . . a complete stitch-up won't go down a storm in Germany at this time.

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