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Broken Spectre @ 1


A joking question :lol: are you winding us all up using photoshop!!!!!!!

It's like someone at Rightmove has trawled HPC's 'shithole of the week ' type threads and posted every bad taste photo against this house. Wow

I don't know which is the worst view. Perhaps the garden?????

If I lived anywhere near London I'd def. do a viewing. In fact I could set up a business taking 'prospective house hunters' along for the sheer humour of bad taste

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That's a classy place! I was reminded of that Lloyd Grossman programme 'Through the keyhole' (before he made his fortune selling jars of cook-in sauces).

He would open the door to some s*****y pad and say (in that rather odd accent) 'Who would live in a place like this?'

I've just looked again at the photos. It is truly hideous, I think Huggy Bear would refuse to live there on the grounds of it being too ostentatious. :lol:

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The price is the biggest joke, 2 bed maisonette in f**kin' Mill Hill for almost 300K!!!

I'm used to London prices as I used to live there but this is 100K overpriced even for London.

Judging by the map, it is on top of the M1 and the mainline railway. Even in London, why would anyone want to part with any money at all to live in it, never mind 12 x the national average salary.


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