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Today's Daily Excrement headline:

"4m Scrounging Families In Britain"

The article refers to there being around 3.88m (not 4m) households in the UK in which there is at least one working-age person who does not work.

It doesn't however, show that all of these people recieve benefits, so how they are 'scroungers' remains unexplained. Perhaps the unemployed people who have paid taxes but do not receive benefits are 'scroungers' in their bitter, envious worldview. I guess they regard anyone with a terminal disease or extreme disabilty as a scrounger too. And anyone who has paid tax for the safety-net of benefits is still a 'scrounger' it would seem.

There are, of course, people who do exploit the benefits system. But the Daily Excrement headline demonstrates how mean-minded, myopic and nasty their readership (or at least, journalists) are.

Ironic, isn't it, that the readership includes a significant number of female pensioners who have never had a job in their life, but wouldn't see their state pension as 'scrounging'...

Oh, and in case you are wondering, everyone in my household works, i don't have a personal axe to grind.

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Different day, same nastiness.

I have two friends, both professionals. One is coming up to two years without a job. Before that time had never been out of work, although he had been doing contract work for the last seven years. The other unemployed for a year.

They are doing everything right as far as we can see. Others might suggest they retrain, both in mid forties. You hear the usual nonsense spouted about how they should take any job going. You can indeed do that if it pays the bills.

I did minimum wage work during a time when I couldn't find work. I could hardly eat, or pay my rent and council tax. Couldn't afford to visit the dentist.

The irony is that the Express is insulting a lot of its own readers with these kind of headlines. People unemployed through no fault of their own, some of whom may never work again.

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The Daily Excess has a limited number of headlines

People on Benefits = Scrounging scum

Princess Di / Maddie = Sad

House prices up = Joy

Immigrants = Foreign scum

Poor Pensioners = boo hoo deserving of better

New Drugs = extends pensioners live

This week there have been 2 scrounging scum, 2 house prices up, 1 new drug and 2 poor pensioners

Due a Princess Di and an immigrant in the next day or so.

You forgot the 'AFRICAN HEATWAVE ON WAY' and "SIBERIAN WINTER ON WAY" weather fearcasts that appear every couple of weeks, and are invariably wrong.

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Today's Daily Excrement headline:

"4m Scrounging Families In Britain"

Sloppy journalism. They seem to have forgotten tax credits. There must be a lot more than 4m scrounging families if these scroungers are included. Many of these are double-scroungers, working in public sector non-jobs AND scrounging tax credits.

Seriously, we need to cut down these numbers.

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Yesterdays Sunday express headline was something' like millions get pension boost' referring to the stock-market gaining a hundred or so points on Friday no mention it was down around a thousand or so over the past couple of months wonder what tomorrows headline will say?

Stockmarket still above 1995 great news for home-buyers?

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